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Undergraduate program

CERGIC, in collaboration with the Department of Economics of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, offers a rich curriculum at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level.

The undergraduate program, pre-master, aims to develop fundamental knowledge in economics. The program introduces the student to microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and the foundations of academic research.

The program is designed to combine theoretic learnings with practical application. The quantitative and qualitative skills acquired throughout the programme will allow the student to analyze the complex decision process of individuals, firms, and governments, and holistically comprehend how these decisions in their aggregated form affect society.

Graduate program

The graduate program, Advanced Economics, provides the student with a solid basis in economic theory, economics, statistics and econometrics. The program also provides the student with quantitative and qualitative skills that will allow the student to analyse empirical data and evaluate public and economic policy. The multidisciplinary training will provide the student with ample opportunities to specialize in his or her's field of interest including development, education, labour, taxation, political economics and more.

The Advanced Economics program provides the student with highly demanded skills for qualified analytical and investigational work at public authorities and in the public administration, at research institutes, banks and other financial firms, in policy organisations, think tanks, consulting firms, et cetera, both in France and internationally. (ex: Stanford University, NYU, INSEE, Banque de France, HEC Lausanne, etc.)

PhD Program

PhD students are enrolled in the Department of Economics and hosted at CERGIC. They are provided with a dedicated workspace and enjoy the benefits of a dynamic academic environment. A range of PhD-level courses are offered within the doctoral school and lectures delivered by CERGIC members, providing students with in-depth knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study. Doctoral students are highly encouraged to participate in summer schools to further enhance their education and broaden their academic horizons. Additionally, they benefit from the guidance of a primary supervisor, a professor from the Department of Economics, who provides mentorship and support throughout their research journey.

PhD students actively participate in the scientific life of the research unit, including seminars, workshops, bi-weekly graduate seminars and other research events. They are fully integrated into both the research unit and the Department of Economics, and they benefit from a day-to-day access to faculty members.

The bi-weekly graduate seminar provides a platform for pre-doctoral students, PhD candidates, and post-doctoral scholars to share their research in an informal setting, showcasing new research questions, recent findings, and papers they have read. Faculty members are actively involved, offering valuable feedback and insights to enrich the learning experience. Doctoral students also have the opportunity to formally present their papers at the CERGIC lunch seminar held every two weeks.


As international research stays are an essential part of a doctoral student's education, CERGIC promotes short and long research stays abroad in accordance with the objectives of the PhD candidate. Recently, our doctoral students went to: Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Chile, University of Chicago, LMU Munich, Vienna University, etc.

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