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  • 30/11/23: Saumitra Jha (Stanford Graduate School of Business): "Markets under Siege: How Political Beliefs Move Financial Markets"

  • 09/11/23: Gabriel Zucman (Paris School of Economics): "Taxing Wealth in a Globalized World: The Compliance Effect of Automatic Information Exchange"

  • 19/10/23: Catherine Guirkinger (University of Namur): "Legacy of Colonial Education: Unveiling Persistence Mechanisms in D.R.Congo"

  • 28/09/23: Elisa Facchetti (University of Rome): "When migrants compete for top schools: Displacement and peer effects in primary education"

  • 18/09/23: Annaïg Morin (Copenhagen Business School): "Job-to-Job Transition and the Value of Matching"

  • 12/09/23: Gunes Gokemen (Lund University): "Traditional Norms and Parental Investment in Human Capital"

  • 13/06/2023: Oliver Vanden Eynde (Paris School of Economics) : "Fighting Together: Coordination Frictions between NATO Allies in Afghanistan"

  • 08/06/2023: Charles Louis-Sidois (Vienna University of Economics and Business): "Both Judge and Party? Investigating the Political Unbiasedness of Fact-checker"

  • 01/06/2023: Alice Mesnard (University of London): "Temporary Foreign Work Permits: honing the tools to defeat human smuggling"

  • 16/05/2023: Andrés Moya (Universidad de Los Andes): "Maternal Mental Health and Early Childhood Development in Conflict-Affected Settings: Experimental Evidence from Colombia"

  • 31/03/2023: Margarita Lopez Forero (Banque de France): "Aggregate Labor Share and Tax Havens: things are not always what they seem"

  • 30/03/2023: Andrea Weber (Central European University): "Precautionary Fertility: Conceptions, Births and Abortions aroundo Employment Shocks"

  • 23/03/2023: Mounu Prem (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance): "Fear to Vote: Explosions and Elections in Colombia"

  • 22/03/2023: Oussama Ben Atta (University Jean Monnet): "Feeding two with the same spoon : Remittances and youth educational attainment - Evidence from Germany"

  • 21/03/2023: Rose Vincent (ETH Zürich): "Shine a (night)light: Decentralisation and economic development in Burkina Faso"

  • 20/03/2023: Oscar Barrera-Rodriguez (Paris School of Economics): "Capital vs. Labor: the Effect of Income Sources on Attitudes Towards the Top 1 Percent"

  • 17/03/2023: Elisa Mougin (ENS de Lyon): "TV in Times of Political Uncertainty: Evidence from the 2017 Elections in Kenya"

  • 14/03/2023: Simon Rabaté (Institut national d'études démographiques): "Labor Supply Effects of Survivor Insurance: Evidence From a Benefit Cut in the Netherlands"

  • 13/03/2023: Tanguy Le Fur (University of Lille): "The Multiplier Effect of Resource Conflicts: The Great Divergence and Reconvergence through the lens of Unified Growth Theory"

  • 06/03/2023: Juliette Crespin-Boucaud (Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals): "Ethnic Homogenization and Public Goods: Evidence from Kenya’s land reform program"

  • 24/02/2023: Alireza Naghavi (University of Bologna): "Traditional Irrigation Systems and the Evolution of Cooperative Culture: The Persian Qanats "

  • 23/02/2023: Esther GEHRKE (Wageningen University): "Career goals and investments in education: Experimental evidence from Cambodia"

  • 26/01/2023: Murat Kirdar (Boğaziçi University): "Propagation of Immigration Shocks through Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks"


  • 9/12/2022: Marianne Tenand (Centraal Planbureau (CPB)): "The impact of co-payments for nursing home care on use, health and welfare"

  • 24/11/2022: Johanna Rickne (Stockholm University): "The Gender Gap in Meaningful Work: Explanations and Implications"

  • 10/11/2022: Davide Cantoni (LMU München): "The Rise of Fiscal Capacity"

  • 20/10/2022: Julien Labonne (University of Oxford): "Campaigning Against Populism: Emotional and Informational Messaging in Real Campaigns"

  • 13/10/2022: Ingela Alger (Toulouse School of Econnomics): "Estimating Social Preferences and Kantian Morality in Strategic Interactions"

  • 06/10/2022: Camille Landais (London School of Economics): "Retirement Consumption and Pension Design"

  • 29/09/2022: Pierre-Louis Vezina (King's College London): "Enemies of the people"

  • 16/06/2022: Niels Johannesen (Oxford University): "Taxing Wealth in a Globalized World: The Compliance Effect of Automatic Information Exchange"

  • 09/06/2022: Gabrielle Fack (University of Paris-Dauphine): "The Effect of Affirmative Action on Targeted and Non-Targeted Students: Evidence from Low-income priorities in Paris High Schools"

  • 02/06/2022: Benjamin Marx (Boston University): "The Dynamics Consequences of State-Building: Evidence from the French Revolution"

  • 12/05/2022: Terry Sicular (Western University): "Inequality of opportunity in household income, China 2002–2018"

  • 14/04/2022: Ninon Moreau-Kastler (ENS Paris Saclay): "Unfair Mineral Trade in Africa’s Great Lake Region: the Role of Opacity and Exposure"

  • 06/04/2022: Rohit Ticku (European University Institute): "Trading epidemics"

  • 31/03/2022: Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (Paris School of Economics): "Independent Media, Propaganda, and Religiosity"

  • 24/03/2022: Mohamed Saleh (London School of Economics): "Political Connections and Corporate Performance in Egypt, 1890-1950"

  • 17/03/2022: Michael Kaganovich (Indiana University Bloomington): "Gender Differences in Persistence in a Field of Study"

  • 10/03/2022: Horacio Larreguy (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico): "Accountability Under Polarization"

  • 17/02/2022: Luigi Pascali (Pompeu Fabra University): "Wars, Taxation and Representation: Evidence from Five Centuries of German History"

  • 10/01/2022: Vincent Pons (Harvard Business School): "Electoral Turnovers and Country Performance: Evidence from 2,500 National Elections"


  • 16/12/2021: Alessandro Riboni (CREST - Ecole Polytechnique): "Sticky Spending, Sequestration, and Government Debt"

  • 02/12/2021: Anke Becker (Harvard Business School): "On the Economic Origins of Restricting Women’s Promiscuity"

  • 18/11/2021: Nuno Palma (University of Manchester): "Historical Gender Discrimination Does Not Explain Comparative Western European Development: Evidence From Portugal, 1300-1900"

  • 21/10/2021: Marc Sangnier (AMSE): "The (Market) Value of Prestige"

  • 07/10/2021: Mattia Bertazzini (University of Nottingham): "The economics origins of government"

  • 23/09/2021: Claus Kreiner (University of Copenhagen): "Social Position and Fairness Views"

  • 01/06/2021: Francesco Amodio (McGill University): "The Employment Effects of Ethnic Politics"

  • 20/05/2021: Emanuel Hansen (LMU Munich): "Pareto-improving tax reforms and the Earned Income Tax Credit"

  • 18/05/2021: Farid Toubal (University of Paris-Dauphine): "Techies, Trade, and Skill-Biased Productivity"

  • 05/05/2021: Cécile Gaubert (University of California - Berkeley): "Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa Rica"

  • 20/04/2021: Debin Ma (Oxford University): "States and Wars: China’s Long March Towards Unity and its Consequences, 221 BC – 1911 AD"

  • 08/04/2021: Roland Rathelot (ENSAE): "How do women and men search for jobs?"

  • 01/04/2021: Victor Gay (Toulouse School of Econnomics): "Collateral damage? How World War One changed the way women work"

  • 30/03/2021: Gianmarco Daniele (University of Milan): "Corruption and Austerity"

  • 16/03/2021: Stefano Fiorin (Bocconi University) : "Reporting Peer's Wrongdoing: Experiemental Evidence on the Effect of Financial Incentives on Morally Controversial Behavior"

  • 02/03/2021: Paula Gobbi (ECARES): "Economic Uncertainty and Fertility Cycles: Baby Boom and Busts in Twentieth Century America"

  • 23/02/2021: Amandine Aubry (Caen University) "Trade, access to varieties and patterns of consumption"

  • 09/02/2021: Alexey Makarin (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance): "Production Networks and Wars"

  • 02/02/2021: Pauline Grosjean (UNSW Sydney): "Heroes and Villains: The Effects of Combat Heroism on Autocratic Values and Nazi Collaboration in France"


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