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Mineral extraction and conflict in the era of green technologies: Implications and consequences. In Peace not Pollution How Going Green Can Tackle Both Climate Change and Toxic Politics.

Couttenier, M.

e-book, CEPR Press, 2023.


The African "Hidden Media Capture". In: Media Ownership in Africa in the Digital Age. 

Cagé, J. & Mougin, E.

Routledge. p. 31-49, 2022.

La conflictualité armée

Couttenier, M.

Editions A.Pedone, University of Bordeaux (in French), 2022.


Conflict in Times of Covid-19

Couttenier, M., N. Berman, N. Monnet & R. Ticku [LINK]
Covid-19 in Developing Economies, CEPR Press, 2020. 

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