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The laboratory places particular emphasis on the following thematic areas:

  1. Equalities and Capabilities: CERGIC investigates issues of inequalities and capabilities, delving into the factors that shape and perpetuate various forms of disparities within societies. Through rigorous analysis and empirical studies, CERGIC aims to uncover the underlying causes of inequalities and explore effective strategies for promoting equal opportunities and inclusive development.

  2. Peace and Emancipation: CERGIC's research endeavors revolve around the crucial themes of peace and emancipation. By examining the dynamics of conflicts, both domestic and international, CERGIC seeks to identify pathways to peaceful resolutions, analyze the impact of conflicts on societies, and propose strategies for achieving sustainable peace and social emancipation.

  3. Digital Revolution and Citizenship: In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, CERGIC places significant focus on studying the implications of the digital revolution on governance, citizenship, and societal interactions. The laboratory investigates the transformative effects of digital technologies on political processes, social networks, and individual rights, aiming to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities arising from this digital transformation.

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