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Sinan Sarpca

Associate Professor

Sinan Sarpca.

Sinan Sarpça is an applied microeconomist with research interests focused on public economics and economics of education. Most of his research takes a market/IO approach to explore the implications of competition between schools/districts and the impacts of public policy on the provision and distribution of educational benefits. Understanding the properties of the market equilibrium and the likely effects of policy changes on these properties are central issues in his research.


Dr.Sarpça's research combines theoretical, computational, and empirical methodologies. Several of his research projects have been funded by TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and IDEXLyon (France). He holds a PhD in economics from Carnegie Mellon University.

To learn more about Sinan Sarpca, consult his website


Research areas: Public economics ; Economics of education ; Industrial organization ; Applied econometrics

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