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Jean-Pascal Bassino


Jean-Pascal Bassino.

Research areas: Long-term changes in Living standards, Inequality and Sustainability

Jean-Pascal Bassino is professor of economics at ENS Lyon since 2013. He is convenor of the master on contemporary Asia (a programme of the department of social sciences) since 2020, and deputy director of the department of economics since 2023.


His research interests are related to the analysis of long-term changes in living standards, inequality, and sustainability, particularly in Japan, Southeast Asia and Southern Europe.


His recent publications include:

  • "Prenatal climate shocks and adult height in developing countries. Evidence from Japan (1872-1917)". Economics & Human Biology (with Lagoarde-Segot, T., & Woitek, U.), 2022, 45, 110115 ;

  • "Regional patterns of Japanese industrialisation (1800-2010)", in B. van Leeuwen et al. eds, An Economic History of Regional Industrialization. London, Routledge, 2021, 180-206 (with K. Fukao and T. Settsu) ;

  • and "Sustainable development in Southeast Asia, 1700-1870", in S. Broadberry and K. Fukao (eds), The Cambridge Economic History of the Modern World, Vol. I, 1700-1870, 2021, 146-168.


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