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Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

The official website of CERGIC

The Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict (CERGIC) produces state-of-the art research in economics related to governance, equality, information dissemination and conflict resolution. CERGIC addresses research questions that contributes to the understanding of the numerous crises that plague modern societies and that are crossed by political, social and environmental dimensions. A particular attention is brought to the topics: 

  • equalities and capabilities, 

  • peace and emancipation, and

  • digital revolution and citizenship. 

More about CERGIC


On June 21, Elisa Mougin, Associate Professor at CERGIC (ENS de Lyon), was invited on France Culture to talk about the following topic: "Comment l’accès à la télévision peut-il impacter une élection présidentielle ? Comment le travail des journalistes est-il transformé par les nouvelles technologies ?"

Listen to the podcast here.

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