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Sylvie Démurger

CNRS Professor & Deputy Head of CERGIC

Sylvie DEMURGER_edited.jpg

Research areas: Development Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Migration, Inequality, Applied Econometrics, China

Sylvie Démurger is a CNRS Professor affiliated with the Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict (CERGIC) and the Department of Economics at ENS Lyon. She is also a Research Fellow at IZA (Bonn) and a member of the European Research Development Network (EUDN). She has been the deputy director of CERGIC and the Equipe mixte de recherche ENS Lyon/CNRS EqCo (EMR5001) since January 2024.

Her research, focused on applied microeconomics, investigates the development process in China. Her most recent work explores the redistributive consequences of public policies that either embrace market mechanisms (housing reform, higher education system reform) or, conversely, regulate markets (minimum wage regulations), within the context of China's unique institutional constraints. She is also interested in how internal migration interacts with urban and rural development to understand how the large-scale movement of labor from rural areas to cities shapes patterns of inequality in China.

To learn more about Sylvie Démurger, consult her website


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