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Camille Massié


Camille Massié.

Research areas: Energy Economics ; Environmental Economics ; Energy Efficiency ; Applied Econometrics

Camille Massié is Lecturer of Economics at ENS Lyon and a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict since September 2023.

She is an energy economist drawing from the fields of energy modeling, applied microeconomics and econometrics.

Her recent publications include research on the determinants of French residential energy renovation, as well as papers evaluating the ability of energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions and the role of smart cities in facilitating countries' journey towards a low-carbon built environment.

Prior to joining ENS Lyon, Camille Massié worked as an Assistant Professor in Economics at the Faculty of Management, Economics & Science, Lille Catholic University, between January and August 2023.

She holds a Phd in Economics from Lille Catholic University and the University of Lille, that she defended in December 2022.

To learn more about Camille Massié, consult her website


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